Here are 16 things Gilmore girls and Sex And The City have in common! Can you think of more?⁠⁠

  1. the red balloons

2. Manolo Blahnik

3. the Birkin bag

4. turning 35

5. Louboutin shoes

6. this quote:

7. Charlotte & Emily / Richard & Trey

8. this quote:

9. Ex on answering machine

10. Let Them Drink Cosmos / Marie Antoinette reference

11. The Way We Were / Katie and Hubbell

12. this quote (Bradshaw / Mayflower):

13. fights between boyfriends

14. Jimmy Choo

15. Page Six

I never understood why they mentioned “page six” as in, if it was on page 6, everybody must know…⁠⁠

I thought: wouldn’t it be more accurate if they said “page 1” or on the cover?

Well, that was silly of me!⁠⁠

Page Six is actually the name of the gossip section of the New York Post. It’s simply what it’s called; it doesn’t mean it was on page number 6!⁠⁠

Aaaah, now I know!⁠⁠



16. similar titles…

There you go Cutie Pie! Can you think of more?

Let me know in the comments!

Talk soon,


I'm a pop culture junkie!

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