"All I ever said to her about dances is that you go, you dance, you have punch, you eat, you take a picture, and then you get auctioned off to a biker gang from Sausalito."


Have you ever wondered what the heck Lorelai is talking about there? 🤣

It's in season 1, Episode 9. Rory's Dance.

It took me a bit of research, but I think I figured it out…

It seems to be a reference to the movie The Born Losers, the first of Billy Jack's movies.



But Lorelai modified it a bit.


"and then you get auctioned off to a biker gang from Sausalito."


The movie takes place in Big Rock, not Sausalito.

And in the story, a biker gang is terrorizing people and raping teenage girls. Horrible, sure. But nobody's being "auctioned off”.

Lorelai created the "auctioned off" part and changed the name of the town. Probably thinking it doesn't really matter, as long as it's a Californian town 🤷‍♀️

Plus, she makes a link between what happens in the movie and going to a high school dance... for some reason.


"you're basing all your dance opinions on one midnight viewing of Sixteen Candles."


This is the closest explanation I could find. But I'm not entirely convinced...

As I said, 3 things differ between her comment and the movie. And the girls are usually so on point with their references!

For example, just minutes later, Lorelai mentions Sixteen Candles, in which there's actually a high school dance!

But I didn't find other plausible explanations.

The Born Losers is one of Lorelai and Rory's most watched movies, according to season 2, episode 3, Red Light on the Wedding Night. Which makes a spontaneous comment about the movie quite believable.

It's even possible she's seen it so many times, she can dramatize and modify the story without effort.

Another argument would be that her and Rory talk over the movie + invent their own dialogues.

Maybe in some way, she got confused on the details of the story. Her comment would in fact be inspired by it, but influenced by many different scenarios that have taken place in the Gilmore house.




So what do you think? Are we sure of this explanation?

Maybe it's a completely made-up comment, meant to explain why Rory is uninterested in her high school dance.

Maybe it's not a reference at all. But it's unlikely.

Any other ideas on what Lorelai is referencing? Or do we remain clueless like Emily whenever her daughter opens her mouth? 😂

Reply and let me know!

Love! 🎉💋



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