WWTGGD? Card Deck

49.00 $ CAD

“Perfect for any Gilmore fan.” šŸ•ā˜•ļø


43 different cards with GG inspired prompts (size: 2.5″ x 3.5″).

And a rigid, matte laminated box (uses 100% recycled chipboard).

In stock


Awesome! So much fun and made a great gift!


I bought them for a friend. She loved them! They are perfect for any Gilmore fan.



Oh, wow. Looks like youā€™re in your usual monthly funk, huh? Youā€™re being Ms. Crankypants?

Well, each of these 43 cards are sure-fire ways to light you up!

You may not know it yet, but you have the power to change your mood, your vibe, your daySSS.

All you need is reminders of quirky activities that are sure to shake things up inside your brain. Get you out of that funk!

The Gilmore girls are great at that, arenā€™t they?

When they feel blue, do you see them fall apart? Scream at people? Have road rage?

No. They stay cool. Theyā€™re stoic, a lot like Richard ā¤ļø

They move on to the next project. They keep busy. And most important of all, they make sure to have Fun.

Whether youā€™re told to ā€œbrowse for new booksā€, ā€œwrite a message in Mallomarsā€ or ā€œmake a junk food buffet & watch a few silly moviesā€, youā€™ll feel inspired. Whenever you need it.

Instead of having your thoughts spiral in all directions (except positive ones!), youā€™ll be getting some ice cream or making a pro/con list!šŸ¦

Instead of staying in the dark, not knowing what to do, youā€™ll get up and play. Like a Gilmore.







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