Twickham Baseball Cap

39.00 $ CAD

In honor of old man Twickham, and to celebrate Kirk’s funny business ventures, here’s a Gilmore item that had me almost pee my pants when I had the idea.

In the episode, Kirk is selling Twickham products as people are waiting in line to say goodbye to the dying man.

Later Lorelai is on the phone with Rory, telling her the sad news and mentions Kirk is making lots of money. Rory says it’s tacky and Lorelai agrees… but we see in the corner of the kitchen she bought 2 Twickham hats, a beach ball and a flag! šŸ¤£

Smack dab my kind of jokes!

So I looked into my options for caps and had the design embroideredĀ in less than a week. I’m so freakin’ happy when I wear it šŸ˜‚

If you have a similar sense of humour and enjoy jokes that border on inappropriate, this is for you!

Available on backorder


6 Panel, 100% Recycled Eco Cap ā€“ Custom Embroidered

Short Touch Strap




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