The Lorelai Collection

11.00 $ Each piece

Lorelai would definitely wear these to kick back and have fun during the weekends.

So dress like Lorelai: pick a style now and feel like you’re 16 again!

💎 🐆 🎸 ❄️

(Preloved finds from thrift-stores! The most sustainable way to shop 💖♻️)

Choose an option to see them closer!



Leopard Tee: Size S / 100% Rayonne / DYNAMITE.


Miss Lucky Rhinestones Tee: Size M / 60% Cotton, 40% Polyester / Lucky 7.


Army Kitty Cats Baseball Tee: Size L / 60% Cotton, 40% Polyester / Corner Shop.


I Smell Snow Burgundy Sweater: Size M / 100% Cotton / Carroll Reed.


Rhinestones Tiger Long Sleeve Tee: Size S / Joshua Perets.


Army Long Sleeve Tee: Size S / Revamped.


Pink Tie Dye Tee: Size XL / 100% Cotton / Joe Fresh.


Distressed Denim Shorts: Size 28 / 99% Cotton, 1% Elastane / Vintage Denim.


Black Polka Dot Lavallière Long Sleeve Shirt: Size S.


Black Embroidered Patch Sweater: Size S.


Denim Shirt: Size S / 100% Cotton / Guess.


Grey Mini Skirt With Silver Details: Size S.



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    Choose an option to see them closer!


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