The GG Inspired Lifestyle Package


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Get every tool you need to be a Gilmore girl every day of your life ☕️🍂



The package includes:

GG Advent Calendar

The “Perfect Movie Night” rulebook


GG Advent Calendar

6 exclusive wallpapers for your phone and laptop

"How to dress like a Gilmore Girl” rulebook

“How To Dress Like A Gilmore” rulebook




  • 5 convenient checklists to carry around (because Rory loves making lists!):

      • All the films they watch on movie nights (watch them all!),

      • All the books Rory reads (read them all!),

      • A junk food grocery list (to forget nothing on movie nights!),

      • All the Christmas Traditions Checklist,

      • and the Gilmore Girls Vacation Ideas Checklist!

  • The “How To Reproduce The Stars Hollow Festivals” rulebook,

  • 4 playlists,

  • A calendar of all the important dates,

  • And other exciting surprises! 🎉



CA$ 79!

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