Scotty P’s Big Mug Coffee ☕️

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Can’t get any closer to Luke’s coffee than that! 😍☕️

“From the heart of Scott Patterson (Gilmore Girls’ Luke Danes) comes Scotty P’s Big Mug Coffee.”

Pick your flavours and start drinking coffee like a Gilmore!

Ships internationally!



“Scott believes coffee is a medium that leads to great memories.” 🥰☕️




100% High Grade Arabica green coffee beans are hand-selected from plantations & co-ops directly, allowing for better quality control and providing Fair Trade assurance by confirming that sustainable practices are in place.

Roasting Process: We micro-roast our Grade One Specialty beans small batch and European-style.

Grind Level: All ground coffees are pre-ground at an auto-drip for your convenience.

Allergen Information: No coffee produced by Scotty P’s Big Mug Coffee contains or comes in contact with any ingredients or products that may be considered allergens such as: Milk, Egg, Soybean, Wheat, Peanuts, Tree nuts, Fish, or Crustaceans.

Ingredients: All NON-FLAVOURED coffees are 100% natural & contain no artificial or synthetic ingredients. Scotty P’s Big Mug Coffee FLAVOURED coffees are generally 97% natural by weight. Flavoured coffees may contain artificial flavourings, typically no more than 3% by weight.

We do not use genetically modified ingredients in any of our products & continue to monitor the raw materials used to insure genetically modified ingredients are not used in any part of the manufacturing process.


    House Blend:



    Full of sparkling flavour and aroma, our dark roast House Blend features delicate fruited notes that layer & interplay with a rich, savoury smoothness. Beautifully complex & delicious finish.


    Roast: Dark / Body: Full / Acidity: Bright / Origin: South America, Central America, Pacific.


    French Roast:



    This classic dark roast uses beans from Central and South America. A cup of Scotty P’s French Roast makes the perfect companion. Breathe in to savour this bold, surprisingly smooth and flavourful coffee with hints of hazelnuts & molasses.


    Roast: Dark / Body: Full/big / Acidity: Smooth / Aroma: Anise, smoky / Origin: Central & South America.


    Sugar Cookie:



    One of the best things about winter are the fresh baked cookies… now you can enjoy the wonderful taste of sweet, warm, buttery sugar cookies in your Big Mug.


    Roast: Light / Body: Medium / Acidity: Mild / Aroma: Cinnamon, sugar, chocolate, & cream / Origin: Central & South America.


    Mom’s Favorite 2X Double Caff Blast:



    Exclusive DOUBLE CAFFEINE COFFEE! Bring out Mom’s inner “Rockstar” with a flavour that is just as strong and bold as she is. Just like you, this coffee will always be “Mom’s Favorite”. While other coffees claim to have extra caffeine due to the roast level or growth elevation, we actually add caffeine… giving you the extra boost all Moms need!


    Roast: Dark / Body: Medium / Acidity: Muted / Aroma: Smoky / Origin: Brazil.



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