GG Affirmations Deck

71.00 $ CAD


A rigid, matte laminated box (uses 100% recycled chipboard).

56 different cards with GG inspired affirmations (size: 3.5″ x 5.75″).

Available on backorder


56 cards with positive affirmations inspired by quotes of Gilmore Girls 🌠

You can use them however you want! You can:

1. Randomly pick one every day to inspire your next move,
2. Pick one consciously that speaks to your soul and write it down 5 to 10 times, so it sticks,
3. Or make it a game! Try to guess which episode it was from!


Your internal dialogue is SO important if you wanna achieve your goals. You can’t get somewhere by thinking (consciously or not) that you CAN’T get there… I don’t need to explain why scientifically. It just makes great sense, doesn’t it?

I use affirmations every day to make my dreams a reality. It takes practice, but it’s just so magical and fun! 🤩

And if it’s a new thing for you to do, a physical tool can help a lot!



Don’t know what affirmations are or how to use them?

Download my “How To Use Affirmations” checklist here!





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