Dessert Pyjama Bottom

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“Oh, by the way, I would put on your good pyjamas, you know, the cute ones with the cakes on them. And brush your hair and put on a little lip gloss.”

This one would give Rory’s a run for it’s money! Other than cakes, there are popsicles, banana splits, candies and ice cream. Talk about good pyjamas with desserts on them!

🧁 🍬🍦

(Preloved find from a thrift-store! The most sustainable way to shop πŸ’–β™»οΈ)

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Dessert Pyjama Bottom: Size XL / 100% Cotton / g:21.




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    (Preloved finds from thrift-stores! The most sustainable way to shop πŸ’–β™»οΈ)

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