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  • Scotty P’s Big Mug Coffee ☕️

    UPDATE: House Blend coming back in stock soon! ☕️💨 Pre-order it now!

    Other flavours are available right away 💝


    Can’t get any closer to Luke’s coffee than that! 😍☕️

    “From the heart of Scott Patterson (Gilmore Girls’ Luke Danes) comes Scotty P’s Big Mug Coffee.”

    Pick your flavours and start drinking coffee …

  • What Would The Gilmore Girls Do? Card Deck

    Oh, wow. Looks like you’re in your usual weekly funk, huh? You’re being Ms. Crankypants?

    Well, each of these 43 cards are sure-fire ways to light you up!

    You may not know it yet, but you have the power to change your mood, your vibe, your daySSS.

    All you need is …

  • Luke’s Tote Bag

    Bring joy to your weekly shopping! 🛒⁠ ⁠

    Carry this organic cotton, hand embroidered tote bag and feel like you’ve just come from Luke’s for lunch!⁠ 🍔☕️⁠

  • Stars Hollow Classics Tote Bag

    A moveable feast! This is the junk food buffet that never ends!

    Carry it with you to the gym, the grocery store or the mall! 🛒

    Very useful. And pretty!

    Yes you are!

  • Live Like a Gilmore Survival Kit

    The perfect companion for the Live Like a Gilmore card deck!

    A unique & decadent care package inspired by the prompts in the deck 🎁

    No more excuses possible, you’re gonna have to live like a Gilmore now!

    You’ll have a book to read, a movie to …

  • Live Like a Gilmore Card Deck

    OFFICIAL LAUNCH TIME! 🥳 Pre-order until January 26th, I’ll ship your order at the end of February 📦

    You’ll get your package before/around mid-March 💝


    Cutie Pie, your mission is to feel good and send out good vibes in the world!

    Are you doing it? Or are you constantly watching shows …

  • Dessert Pyjama Bottom

    “Oh, by the way, I would put on your good pyjamas, you know, the cute ones with the cakes on them. And brush your hair and put on a little lip gloss.”

    This one would give Rory’s a run for it’s money! Other than cakes, there are popsicles, banana splits, candies and ice cream. Talk about good …

  • “Pizza & Nothing Else” Baseball Tee

    “I love pizza. I eat tons of pizza. It’s one of my four major food groups: candy, popcorn, and pizza – see? It’s two of my food groups, that’s how much I love pizza.”

    Channel your inner Lorelai Gilmore with this pizza-passionate baseball tee!


    (Preloved find from a …

  • Fries Over Guys Sweatshirt

    A whole philosophy in one simple sweatshirt:

    Loving yourself (and fries!) comes first.


    (Preloved find from a thrift-store! The most sustainable way to shop 💖♻️)

  • “Coffee, Muffin & Onion rings” Tote Bag

    The bag that would have Luke tell you:

    “That’s quite a refined palate you got there.”

    Bring this bag on your weekly shopping trips… Have fun noticing the eyebrows lifting around you! 😂