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  • Luke’s Tote Bag

    Bring joy to your weekly shopping! šŸ›’ā  ā 

    Carry this organic cotton, hand embroidered tote bag and feel like you’ve just come from Luke’s for lunch!ā  šŸ”ā˜•ļøā 

  • Stars Hollow Classics Tote Bag

    A moveable feast! This is the junk food buffet that never ends!

    Carry it with you to the gym, the grocery store or the mall! šŸ›’

    Very useful. And pretty!

    Yes you are!

  • Snow Tote Bag

    ā„ļø I smell snoooooow ā„ļø

    Embody Lorelai’s love of snow with this organic tote bag!

    Believe in the magic of winter and feel like Lorelai enjoying her present a little ā˜ŗļø

  • Weather & Glitter Tote Bag

    This is not your regular grocery bag.

    It features one of the funniest quotes from Gilmore Girls according to me AND most people in my Facebook group!

    Carry it around for a laugh every time you see it. As a plus, you’ll generate confused, frowning eyebrows from regular muggles… …

  • Justin & Britney Tote Bag

    Bring some of Lorelai’s silliness into your everyday life!

    As a plus, you’ll cheer up the people around you during your trips to the store! šŸ˜… šŸ›’

  • “Coffee, Muffin & Onion rings” Tote Bag

    The bag that would have Luke tell you:

    “That’s quite a refined palate you got there.”

    Bring this bag on your weekly shopping trips… Have fun noticing the eyebrows lifting around you! šŸ˜‚