"I'm Gwen freakin' Stefani"


Remember this dialogue from A Year in the Life - Winter:

LORELAI: You've been without your underwear since you moved?
RORY: Don't judge.
LORELAI: I'm Gwen freakin' Stefani. Want to borrow some underwear?

I was too. I had NO idea what the link between having no underwear and Gwen Stefani was.

But that's because you can't figure it out just with the last line of the dialogue.

You need to go back, one line up!

Rory saying "Don't judge" makes Lorelai's brain go directly to the first actual "judge" she can think of: Gwen Stefani on The Voice.

As in:

You've been without your underwear since you moved?

Don't judge.

Oh I AM judging my friend. Like Gwen freakin' Stefani 😂


You don't have to make sense to be witty!


To me, this reference is still a little random. Like, why Gwen Stefani? There's been so many judges on the Voice. You would think there was more to it, but I don't think so.

Although, as I was trying to figure this reference out, I found this song called I Wanna Be Gwen Stefani's Thong Underwear.

Listen to it here ⤵️



Ahah! It's not always been a pleasant journey. People are freaks! 🤣

But we made it baby!

Talk soon 😘




P.S. I got a request for a pop culture reference last week. Did you know you can do that?

Just comment below and tell me the quote you're confused about. I'll try to make sense out of it for you!


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I'm a pop culture junkie!


Kat Schuessler · May 5, 2021 at 7:34 PM

In the Harvard vs Yale game Lorelai said that Emily would have to “Kill Bill” her to get her in her coat. I don’t get it.

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