"I’ll alert the media."


Today's reference is from season 3, episode 1 -- Those Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Days. It happens during Lorelai's dream with Luke and the babies with two heads, ahah!

Luke is on his way out and Lorelai says: "Oh, hey, we need q-tips."

He answers: "I’ll alert the media."


"See, that’s better with the accent."


This is a reference to the 1981 movie Arthur.

Arthur is telling his valet Hobson that he wants to take a bath and Hobson, who couldn't care less, answers with a British accent:

"I’ll alert the media."

That also explains why Lorelai says: "See, that’s better with the accent."

"The reference is enough, you’ll learn that one day."

You can watch the short dialogue from the movie here!


Double feature


This quote is used twice in the course of the show.

In season 5, episode 2, Zach is being Mr. Crankypants and when Lane says she gets off work at six, he answers:

"I'll alert the media."

It's still kind of funny, but I'd say a little on the rude side here  🤣


Aaaaah sarcasm!


This one is awesome. So convenient! How often do people say obvious, random things that deserve no answer, other than:

Hmmm, okay. I’ll alert the media 🙄

Ahahahaha, me and sarcasm, we go way back 🤣

You just gotta learn how to use it without being rude either 😇

It's the badass Cutie Pie way!

Gros bisous 💖





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