"a little Peaches and Herb time"


Remember when Rory gets back from Washington in Season 3, episode 1? Lorelai got her out of Friday night dinner so she could spend time with Dean...

She says:

"I thought you and Dean might enjoy a little Peaches and Herb time together."

Here's what she means by that:


Peaches and Herb


Peaches and Herb is an American disco and R&B vocal duo from the 60s. They're famous for their song "Shake Your Groove Thing" from 78.



Fun fact


What's interesting to know is that Herb, the man, stayed in the group the whole time, but a total of 7 different women were Peaches over the years!

The duo was always a man and a woman singing love songs to each other. Which explains Lorelai's comment, comparing them to Rory & Dean.

She might find the duo a little cheesy also, so it's her way of gently making fun of the young couple!

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