I Think This Is The One Divine Turned Down For Being Too Over-The-Top — And 2 Things Lorelai And The Pope Of Trash Have In Common


A few years ago, I paid 40 bucks to see John Waters’ one-man show called This Filthy World.

I was super broke, so it was a lotta money, but it didn’t matter. I’m a fan; I HAD to see him in person.

Basically he’s a walking pop culture reference! He went to Studio 54, met Andy Warhol and made a film with Johnny Depp, to name a few.

He’s also obsessed with serial killers. It seems he and Lorelai have a bunch in common!

That’s why I got so excited first time I noticed her mention Divine, John Waters' muse, in season 6, episode 11: The Perfect Dress.

Sookie and Lorelai are out shopping for a wedding dress. There are a lot of ugly ones and Sookie dares Lorelai to try one on.


LORELAI: I think this is the one Divine turned down for being too over-the-top.




Appropriately enough, Divine was a REALLY over-the-top drag queen and one of the firsts to become a superstar.

She appeared in a bunch of John Waters' movies wearing tight, shiny dresses, big hair and her signature pointed eyebrows.



The Good, Bad and the Ugly


Together, John Waters and Divine were named the king and queen of trash. Their movies are purposely of bad taste and they play with that to shake the status quo.

That’s what I find so fabulous about them. Not everything has to be the same old boring stuff.

And also, let’s face it, nothing is surprising anymore… but back in the 80s, they managed to surprise people!

And that’s something I find in Lorelai also. She navigates the thin line between good and bad like a pro. I mean:


🐒 the “semi-pornographic leering monkey lamp”

👄 the Bunny Ranch t-shirt

🇬🇧 the Spice Girls necklace

💎 the rhinestone penis t-shirt

🤠 the green leopard cowboy hat

🤡 the clown pillow

🎥 the bad movies


The list goes on and on!

And yet she manages to look great and be sweet and feminine.  I SO appreciate the sense of humour, the accessibility and the sense of style of such a character. She’s all the things + doesn’t take herself seriously.

Tell me, do you agree with me? Does Lorelai's mix of good and bad taste create the perfect blend of coolness? 😎 Comment below and let me know!

I hope you have a FABULOUS day Cutie Pie,

Bisous 💋




P.S. Watch I am Divine on Netflix to know more. It’ll BLOW your mind! ✨🤯


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