"he’s gonna start showing up at David Letterman’s house soon."


Remember when Dean gets insecure about his relationship with Rory and leaves 14 messages on her machine?

Lorelai says to her:

"Honey, you gotta ease up on that love potion you’ve been giving him or he’s gonna start showing up at David Letterman’s house soon."



Well, that ridiculous comment actually has a point, believe it or not! 😅

At the end of the 80's, a woman named Margaret Mary Ray was arrested EIGHT times for trespassing on show host David Letterman's property.

The first time, she stole his Porsche and drove around until she was arrested because she couldn't pay a toll.

She assured she was Letterman's wife, but they didn't go for it...


Margaret Ray


Margaret Ray suffered from schizophrenia, which explains her behaviour.

The New York Times said that she was "gripped by the fantasy that she was romantically involved with the comedian David Letterman".

Which finishes to explain why Lorelai compares Dean to her: he was acting in a crazy manner out of love.

Lorelai's comment suggests that Dean would start showing up at David Letterman’s house because of his love for Rory... which makes absolutely no sense 😂

But this is the silliness we love about Lorelai!
So, did you know that one already?

Given I'm Canadian + I wasn't born when it happened, I'd never heard of it.

I did have a pretty good idea what it would be, even before looking it up, but it's fun to know the details, isn't it?

Let me know in the comments!




Have a super great week, Cutie Pie.

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