He And His Butler Have A Little “Auto Focus" Thing Going On — Keep The Kids Home people… This One’s Creepy As Hell!


Are you ready for this? Weird mental images coming your way, let me tell ya! 😂

So it's season 5, episode 5, We Got Us a Pippi Virgin. Richard and Emily are still separated and Richard lives in the pool house.

Richard is out for the night, so Emily has to serve drinks and her cart's empty. So they go to the pool house for Richard's booze and Emily's really upset about the smell of debauchery in there!

So Lorelai, in all her glory, wows us all with this gem:

"Yeah. Dad mentioned he had the Barbi twins up here a couple nights ago. He and his butler have a little "auto focus" thing going on."


the Barbi twins


The Barbi twins are famous models. They're identical sisters and they appeared on the cover of Playboy magazine and Cosmopolitan, to name a few. They're big animal activists.



They also made a photo calendar every year from 1993 to 2007. The Cosmopolitan UK called them "the best selling calendar models of the world”. You know, think firemen's calendars, but it's the same girls, year after year. International best sellers. This is a big deal!

No need to say they're really sexy ladies!

So, apparently, when Lorelai thinks debauchery, she thinks Barbi twins.

If there was debauchery in here, THEY must have been here a couple nights ago. With Richard. And his butler. In the pool house...

Huuuhh, creepy! 😅


"He And His Butler Have A Little “Auto Focus" Thing Going On"


Then she moves on to the “Auto Focus" thing, which is kind of the same general idea...

Auto Focus is a movie about Bob Crane, a famous actor from the 60s. He played in the Donna Reed show and he was Hogan in Hogan's Heroes.



The fame from the last one allowed him to dive into a life of excess (mainly sex).

When he met his friend John Carpenter, they started going out every night and having sex with different partners all the time.

They would take photos and videos of the naked girls and the sex, which is why the movie's called "Auto Focus".

So... THAT is "having a little “Auto Focus" thing going on"...

Put that together with the Barbi twins... Richard and his butler... a little Auto Focus thing going on... in the pool house... Huhhh!


Keep The Kids Home people…


Didn't I warn you? This one was creepier than Divine or the one about the Manson family COMBINED.

But you know, writing this, I realize it's much creepier when you explain the joke! 😅 Lorelai's just being mysterious and silly.

First of all, she's making fun of Emily, being so dramatic. Lorelai lightens the mood with a joke that obviously implies her mother has no idea what debauchery can look like. Richard is light-years away from anything you could consider creepy like that.

Secondly, she knows that, most likely, Emily won't get the references, so it's totally harmless. Just a little sneaky 😏, perfect for us to enjoy!

I hope you liked this reference Cutie Pie! To me, the more obscure, the better, so this one's a winner!

Bisous 💋




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