Remember when Rory makes fun of Lorelai 'cause she found a Barry Manilow CD under her car seat?

The whole guilty pleasure conversation is hilarious¬†ūüėā

Then we segue to this bit of dialogue about Luke:


LORELAI: Do you think he's dated anyone since Rachel?
RORY: I don't know. Where would he meet anyone? He's either here or in his apartment.
LORELAI: Maybe he has a secret life. Maybe he's got a little chippy stowed away in Mount Pilot.
Mount Pilot is a fictional town in The Andy Griffith Show.


the Andy Griffith Show, chippy in Mount Pilot, Luke, Gilmore Girls


During the time of the show, Andy's visited 3 times by "the Fun Girls", Skippy and Daphne. Each time, they cause trouble in Andy's love life.



It seems they are who Lorelai is referencing to. They are from Mount Pilot and a "chippy" is slang for a promiscuous woman.

A woman of questionable morals, if you will¬†ūüėÖ

I couldn't figure out if the line "a little chippy stowed away in Mount Pilot" is said word to word in the Andy Griffith Show, or if it's just Lorelai's interpretation.

But it certainly transcribes perfectly how Andy's girlfriend must have felt about the Fun Girls...

A little chippy! That he keeps a secret in another town!

I believe Lorelai thinks of making this particular reference based on the fact that the Andy Griffith Show takes place in a cute little town, kind of like Stars Hollow.

If Luke isn't dating anyone from here, maybe he's got someone stowed away in the city!
Hope you enjoyed this subtle, sneaky reference from season 2, Episode 7 (Like Mother, Like Daughter)!

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Talk next week!





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