"Boogie Nights, maybe?"


You know this conversation from season 1, episode 7:


DEAN: At what point does the outsider get to suggest a movie for movie night?
RORY: That depends. What movie are you thinking of?
DEAN: I don't know... Boogie Nights, maybe.
RORY: You'll never get that past Lorelai.
DEAN: Not a Marky Mark fan?
RORY: She had a bad reaction to Magnolia. She sat there screaming for 3 hours "I want my life back!" and then we got kicked out of the theatre.
This dialogue is tricky.

I went from not getting it... to getting the gist of it... to later be horrified that Dean suggests that movie in the first place 🤣


"She had a bad reaction to Magnolia"

At first, I didn't understand why Rory switched to talking about Magnolia, a whole other movie, NOT starring Marky Mark.

But after a quick search, I understood that Paul Thomas Anderson directed and wrote both films.

So the question was resolved: Magnolia is long and sloooooooow. Not Lorelai's taste and she made it known in the theatre!

From then on, she wouldn't allow PTA's films to be played near her house.


But then... My view of the conversation changed again when I actually watched Boogie Nights...


"You'll never get that past Lorelai"

I mean, have you seen Boogie Nights???


It's good and all. I actually liked it.


How awkward would it be to watch it with your new date and their MOTHER?

If you haven't seen it, it's about the porn industry in LA in the seventies. The subject could be fine, but some scenes are definitely awkward to watch with your parents-in-law 😅

Isn't it weird that Dean suggests to watch it with Rory and Lorelai, especially at THAT stage of the relationship?
Anyhoo! It's surprising, is all.

And I thought it was funny to go through these 3 stages.

I love how you have to earn your understanding of some dialogues sometimes. The writers didn't think the audience was stupid and I love that about the show!

Have a great day Cutie Pie!

Love! 🎉💋




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