"Alice, Pow! Right To The Moon"


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So it's season 2, Episode 11. Secrets and Loans 💸

Emily gets a meeting at the bank for Lorelai, but insists on going with her. Lorelai isn't happy about that and they argue.

The fight ends like this:

LORELAI: I swear, one of these days, Alice. Pow! Right to the moon.
EMILY: What on earth are you talking about? Who's Alice?


The Honeymooners


The reference comes from yet another black and white sitcom Lorelai seems to know by heart: The Honeymooners!



The sitcom's about 2 couples in the 50's trying to make their lives better.

Ralph and Alice argue a lot, about silly things, and that brings most of the jokes of the show.

For example, it's a recurring joke from Ralph, when he's mad, that he's going to send Alice to the moon one of these days.

As in... with his fist! 😳

Why It's Inappropriate


Obviously, you couldn't make that joke anymore... That clip from Family Guy explains it well 🤣


But coming from Lorelai, talking to Emily, with her legendary sarcasm... I find it quite funny!

"What on earth are you talking about? Who's Alice?"

Good to know, isn't it?

Talk later Cutie Pie,

Love! 🎉💋



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